CBD oil drops

How we can determine the CBD oil drops strength?

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and then mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut, palm, olive or hemp seed oil at various concentrations.
CBD concentration is often shown in percentages, however the number of milligrams (mg) is the more important metric and typically refers to the total amount of cannabinoids in bottle. How we can determine the strength? Understanding the strength is important to be able to properly consider product price and efficacy, as you explore a CBD regime that works for you and your body.

For example, let’s compare two bottles of CBD oil drops. One is a 10ml bottle which has 1000mg of CBD stated on the label, and the other one is a 20ml bottle that is also stated as 1000mg. Both bottles contain the same overall amount of cannabinoids (1000mg) but they have two different strengths

Understanding the strength per drop is helpful as this is how you will measure your dose:

• A 10ml bottle is equal to 200 drops, so to calculate the mg per drop you divide the total CBD mg by number of drops – 1000mg / 200 drops (10ml) = 5mg CBD per drop.
• For the 20ml bottle you have 400 drops – 1000mg / 400 drops (20ml) =2. 5mg CBD per drop.
• The 10ml 10% bottle is twice strong, so you would need double the number of drops of the 20ml 5% bottle to achieve the same dose.

CBD oil drops for daily use
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